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#21 Hawaiian Hound Dog
by Dakin Dream Pets


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Dakin Dream Pets Hawaiian Hound Dog - (reintroduced Spring 2004) Hawaiian Hound Dog is the # 21 Dream Pet in the new and old series of Collectibles. His ears and tail are poseable.  Dog 6" surf board 8 1/2" Sold Out  

Information about Hawaiian from her Tag

Birthplace: Ventura, California Favorite Pastimes: C'mon, guess?
Birth Year: 1967 Personality Traits: A Dreamer...
Favorite Color: Lifeguard Red   Just Plain "cool"!
Favorite Foods: Sashimi Favorite Songs: Sea of Love-Phil Phillips
  Pineapple   California Dreamin'-The Mamas & the Papas
  Cucumber Salad   Rock-a-Hula Baby-Elvis
Day Dreams: Being part of a Big Wave.   Bongo Rock-Preston Epps
  To have Nobu cater my "Birthday Luau". Dream Quotes: "Chix Ahoy!"