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Gund introduced Living Puppets and they will allow the imagination to run wild! These adorable Goat Full Body Hand Puppet are extremely well made and have tremendous character!

Gund Living Puppet Full Body Hand Puppet Goats

Reptile and Amphibian Puppets

Gathered here Scaley and non scaley Reptiles and Amphibians as Hand Puppets!  Puppets tickle the imagination and what better than a Frog and Turtle to do that!

We carry a large selection of Mystical Creatures from Winged Horses to Unicorns in Hand Puppets.  Tickle someone specials imagination!

Mythical and Fantasy Creature Puppets

We carry a large selection of Elephants from Plush to Puppet!  We have the Elephants that you can curl up with!  These Big Fellows, Elephants, can come to life when you stick your hand or finger inside an adorable Puppet!

Elephant Hand and Finger Puppets

Giraffe Puppets

We have the Giraffes you can bring to life with these adorable Finger and Hand Puppets!

These adorable Monkey, Chimp and Ape Finger, Hand and Full Body Puppets will bring hours of imagination!

Monkey Puppets

We carry a large selection of Zebras from Plush to Puppet!  The adorable Zebra Puppets will bring hours of imagination and play!

Zebra Puppets

Wild Cat Puppets

We carry a large selection of Wild Cats from Plush to Puppet!  We have Lions and Tigers in Finger Puppets, Hand Puppets, and Full Body Hand Puppets!

Pandas, Koala Bears, Grizzly Bears and more are available in Finger Puppets, Hand Puppets and Full Body Puppets.

Bear Puppets

Stimulate imagination with the interaction of a mind and a Panda Puppet.

Panda Puppets

Hula Happies Bunny and Duck Finger Puppets

These adorable Hula Happies Finger Puppers are ducks and bunnies all dressed up for easter.  Puppets are a great source for hours of imagination!

These adorable Hand and Finger Puppets are sure to stimulate the imagination from ages 3 to 103!

Cat & Kitten Puppets

Tickle their imagination with these adorable finger and hand puppets.  From Afghan hounds to Shaggy Dogs we have the puppets gathered right here for all who love dogs!

Dog Puppets

Farm Animal Hand Puppets - Cows, Horses, Pigs, Ducks, Bunnies and MORE in Finger Puppets, Hand Puppets and Full Body Puppets!

A large selection of Cows, Horses, Lambs, Sheep, Goats, Rabbits, Horses, and Ducks as full body, hand and finger puppets!

Puppet Sheep and Lambs

Puppet Sheep and Lambs


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